Is Owning a Beach House Worth It?

Buying a home on the beach can bring an excellent return on investment & access to charming vacation spot. Consider these common considerations before diving headfirst into it.

Is Owning a Beach House Worth It?

Buying a home on the beach can be an excellent investment, providing a reliable income stream and access to a charming vacation spot. Many beach house investors purchase properties to rent out during peak tourist hours. For some of us, our fondest holiday memories are of playing in the sand, jumping in the waves, swimming and searching for shells along the coast. So why wouldn't we want to enjoy those activities every day by moving to the beach? It's no secret that buying a house on the beach is often a real estate dream.

And, fortunately, it can be achieved. But like any major life decision, there are certain aspects you need to consider before taking the plunge. Take a look at these common considerations to help you find the best place to buy a beach house and exactly what type of beach house is right for you. There are sandy and picturesque beaches all over the United States.

Your first priority is to decide exactly where in the U. S. you'd like to plant that beach umbrella permanently. Where is the best place to buy a beach house? Some cities and regions to consider are the East Coast along the coasts of Maine and Massachusetts, as well as North and South Carolina.

Florida is also a great option, especially if you like warm weather all year round. And, of course, California and the West Coast are natural selections. Another great but often overlooked location? The Midwest. After all, a beach house can be anywhere there is water and sand, whether it's an inland lake or a rocky shoreline, right? You're sure to get a unique view that will take your breath away. Speaking of different types of coastlines, what do you want right outside your door? Do you prefer perfect white sand or do you like rocks? Is it flat as far as the eye can see? Or dotted with dunes here and there? You should also determine if you want the beach right outside your back door or if you prefer a view of the beach from across the street.

Do you want to take a walk to the beach? A bike ride or car ride to get there? The most important rule in real estate is “location, location, location” - you can always update the interior or exterior of a beach house, but you generally can't move it to a better location. So think carefully about the type of location that best suits you and look in that area for a beach house that you want to visit frequently or live in 365 days a year - including the coldest months - for years to come. When you think of a beach house, you think of a view of the water, right? Well, what about those beautiful sunrises and sunsets? Ideally, you should watch the sun set over the water, so a west-facing viewpoint is important when looking for a home. Sunrises can also be important, but they are somewhat secondary in terms of the value of the house when it is going to be resold. However, if you like watching sunrises, look for a house on the beach where you are facing east when the sun rises. In addition to evaluating your budget for purchase and knowing where you want your house located, you'll want to know how much it will cost in the long run.

Beach life itself is expensive, so be prepared and think about additional costs such as higher property taxes and insurance costs (which can be higher when closer to water in many areas - think flood insurance). Also note that some beaches charge tolls for access - even for residents. Another critical note is that places with beachfront properties are often prone to natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods - so make sure you have an emergency fund ready in case of disaster. Real estate prices tend to rise over time regardless of type of home - so owning a condo or beach house is usually a good investment. However, factor in all costs such as Homeowners Association fees.

Also realize that if buying this property solely as an investment, it's best to keep it for at least five years or more to really get your money's worth. Combine your new relaxed beachy lifestyle with flexible moving options. With PODS®, a portable moving container is delivered directly to your home entrance and when ready to go it's picked up and taken to your new home. You can pack and load (and then unload and unpack) at your own pace without rigid schedules of moving companies or hassle of dealing with DIY rental trucks. The decision to buy a beach house is big - even if just looking for small beach houses or condos - but benefits can be powerful too. A view of the beach can be calming but also humbling - reminding us that our problems are smaller than we think and giving us peace about our place in this world. There are many reasons why investing in buying a beach house makes sense.

If ready to let go and jump into living your best life on water and sand - check out PODS blog for help with moving tips, ideas for decorating your beach house and more! Karen Dybis is freelance journalist and frequent contributor to PODS blog - her work has been featured in Time magazine, US News & World Report, The Detroit News and more.

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