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Helen with Dido 2013 (9) Dido before


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WINTEC Dressage saddle & girth, black, 17 inch medium size 350€

Tel: 06 41 94 71 36


Adastra Desktop Public Address System Type DT50 € 100

Internal rechargeable gel battery (needs replacing)

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2 Radio Microphones

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Nemo is looking wonderful and has been ridden all summer. He has gained a lot of experience and enjoys the interaction with the ASHA carers.

If you can help Nemo please contact ASHA on 06 69 04 45 97 or email

Nemo being ridden at Ecurie Martin
Nemo being ridden at Ecurie Martin

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Four of us got together to adopt Belle. She had lived in lonely isolation with her son for years, but her owner became unable to look after them and they were passed into ASHA’s care. Belle is a beautiful bay mare of 25 years who arrived with her son Cabby (17), from whom she had never been separated since his birth.

Click here for Belle's story ...

Belle happily settled at Cantemerle
Belle happily settled at Cantemerle

By Web Master, Oct 3 2017 02:57PM

Helen says she is very happy to adopt Pauli and to know that he will have a permanent, happy place to spend the rest of his retirement.

He lives with another pony, a girl called Belle, who is a similar age and has the same feed requirements. She was living with Helen's old pony Rocky, who died earlier this year.

She was very upset when she lost him but was delighted to meet Pauli and hasn’t left his side since they met.They look like a lovely old couple !

Both ponies are super with Helen's grandchildren and love to be brushed, walked out for grass and generally fussed over.

Hopefully both ponies can spend a good few years together in companionship & good health.

Click here for Pauli's story ...

Helen with Pauli and Belle
Helen with Pauli and Belle

ASHA saves neglected and abused horses from a miserable existence and/or needless death ...

Dido as he was found on the road...

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    Dido with Helen at  Cantemerle


ASHA will be closing on 30th April 2018


The ASHA committee would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have supported the organization in almost 10 years of existence, in whatever way they have helped us, it is appreciated. Whilst we are all sad that ASHA  cannot continue, mainly due to the lack of volunteers coming forward, we are also pleased to be able to say that around 30 horses have passed through our care  and many more have been helped at a distance. A record we can all be proud of.  

Further announcements will be made in the New Year regarding fundraising, sales of assets, and so on.


ASHA  held an Extraordinary General meeting on the 20th October 2017.

The proposal  to bring ASHA to a close on 30th April 2018 was voted on and agreed.

The proposals to appoint Kathy Kearsey as Liquidator & Alan Calder as Auditor  were voted on and agreed.

In reply to questions the following points were made –

Fundraising events will continue to be held, Curry Night on 13th November and Leeds University Big Band Concert on 28th March 2018.                                                                                  

The website will continue until it’s present contract ends next February and announcements will be made about which other organizations  to contact to report equines in distress in the future .

The helpline will continue until the end of April.    

The ASHA Committee is in a good position to offer help and guidance to anyone wishing to start equine rescue charities and will be glad to offer advice.

After the end of April we will know what monies, if any, are left and these will be passed to other organisations working in this field.  If anyone has suggestions for such organisations please contact Mrs Kearsey at

Members will not be asked for subscriptions to ASHA for the next year, and members are reminded to please close any PayPal arrangements made for automatic payments.

We now have six months during which time we hope to re-home Nemo, the remaining horse in our care and monies will not be disbursed until such time as he is happily and permanently settled. When ASHA has closed, the following organisations may be able to assist in the rescue of horses.







     Here is a list of other horse rescue organisations who may be able to help.




      Galop Pour la Vie: //


      Le Refuge des Oublies:


      Foundation Brigitte Bardot:


      LFPC Ligue Francaise pour la Protection du Cheval:


      Centre d’Hérbergement et de protection pour cheveaux.


      Au bonheur des chevaux:


      Les Sabots de l’Espoir:


      Œuvre de Pech Petit:


      Grand Refuge SPA (61):


       Chevale Espoir:


       Equine Rescue France: