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Rosie's Story...

Rescuing Rosie...


Back in august 2010 Jan Lemmy of Liberté des Anes went to a butcher's yard to collect a donkey who had terrible hooves and at the back of the same dark, horrible, smelly stable stood a young horse.  Jan couldn't leave such a young mare there.  The men tried to load her first and she was so scared she pulled back, broke the rope and fell over, there was no kindness being shown to her.  She had scars all over her back and legs (maybe from barbed wire fencing, not sure?).  When they loaded the donkey the mare shot out of the box and straight up the ramp into the trailer at great speed then stopped dead once in place !!  It would be funny if it wasn't such awful circumstances.


She was depressed when she arrived at the donkey sancturary and latched on straight away to little Rapiette, a minature shetland mare aged 35 !  Jan wondered if she hadn't just been taken away from her mother ?  With handling she slowly changed and became very gentle and loving, easy to handle and pick up her hooves.













Rosie when she arrived at Liberté des Anes, thin and depressed.

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February 2012 - Rosie arrives at Cantemerle

Rosie Eve Promise Feb

Rosie settling in at Cantemerle with new friends Eve & Promise.  She will given time to relax, and build up her strength before starting a program to be backed and brought on.

Rosie before

May 2012


We now know that Rosie is only just 3 years old.  She is learning to live with other horses as part of a herd. She is learning boundaries and to be respectful of other horses' space and that she must learn to fit into the hierarchy of the herd.


Promise has taken her under her wing and is teaching her the above and also guides her away from conflict situations. She has settled in with the herd of 8 and is beginning to mature nicely.


At the moment she only comes out of the field up to the yard occasionally to be groomed and feet cleaned. She walks nicely in hand accompanied by Promise. There has been improvement when seeing Gareth the Barefoot trimmer, lifting all four feet with reduced anxiety and hopping.


She needs more time to mature before being backed, but will gain more experience the more she is handled.

ASHA Carers training day  17 March 2013

Rosie learning to "ground tie"


August 2012


Rosie would benefit from spending some time out with a small herd where she can relax and put on some weight as she is quite slim.  Therefore we are looking for a foster home for her to spend the next 6 - 9 months before being brought back in for training.  If you can help please contact us.


July 2012


Rosie continues to enjoy her time with the herd of 10. She has a favourite friend, Promise but also Eve. Mady is an older mare who looks after Rosie and keeps her out of harms way when she forgets her manners with other herd members. Rosie was used at Helen's holistic day last week when she experienced her first "Reach Out" in the round pen with Joan, one of the carers. Rosie was very good even though Joan made some mistakes with her horse communication skills. Well done Rosie!


June 2012


Rosie has settled into the herd at Cantemerle and is enjoying the care and attention of ASHA carers.

IMG_5074 Rosie ground tying training 17.3.13

July 2013 - this report from Joan Skelton from the ASHA carers team.

Rosie is living in a herd of 8 horses and is learning respect and space.

She stands to be groomed, fly sprayed and now picks up her feet for the ASHA carers to clean them.

She walks out in hand and can be ground tied and she has completed a desensitising and obstacle course.

She is very friendly with other horses, will accept the head collar in the field and come away with no problems.  

Rosie with herd July 2013 (1) Rosie with herd July 2013 (2) ASHA morning out for Promise, Rosie, Toto and Rocky March 2014

March  2014

          ASHA morning out  - Rosie, Promise, Toto and Rocky

1st  June  2014  by  Anne  Slater


Rosie is now 5 years old and has been living with the herd of 8 horses.


Living in this herd has allowed her to grow up as a horse, learning social skills & enabling her to be confident & kind around all other horses, male & female.


Early in the year ASHA asked for volunteers to commit to regular sessions to work with Rosie & that’s how I found myself going 3 or 4 times a week for the past 4 months, what a privilege!


Rosie is gentle & so willing to please. She comes out of the field when we arrive & accepts the head collar with ease. She walks in hand beautifully, no problem with traffic, bonfires, tree-fellers & all the other obstacles we meet.


She takes part in training days and is handled easily by all our carers – completing the obstacle course & desensitizing exercises.


She has also been van loaded several times, when she stays calm & relaxed – her experiences in her early life with transport, ie van loading were not so favourable.


After visits from the Osteopath, Dentist etc she is now in perfect health & is ready to be started under saddle.

Rosie May 2014 (5)

October 2014 -  Rosie Makes Progress


Last week Rosie made progress in her training, she calmly accepted a saddle placed on her back & then the girth round her & walked /trotted in the round pen. Well done to all involved.

Rosie being saddled October 2014 (2) Rosie being saddled October 2014 (1)

April 2015 -  Spring has arrived and Rosie looks lovely


Despite a bit of rainscald, Rosie is looking in lovely condition as she comes out of winter & is enjoying some free schooling in the round pen.

Rosie April 2015 (2)

May 2015  -  Rosie really wanted to help Phil, our wonderful camera man with the calender photos this morning!  

Rosie helping Phil with the 2015 calendar (2)

Update on Rosie from Anne Slater. June 2015.


This winter Rosie was a little stiff on the back but after checks by Osteopath & X rays at the vet, we were told there was no major problem. She van loaded perfectly, by the way, all that training paid off.


We started working with her, in hand in the school & free schooling in the round pen. Unfortunately when it was muddy, it was difficult to get her up the hill from her field so work slowed down & then I had a bump in my car & was out of action.


Recently we've walked her out in the woods with other horses and its always gone smoothly, we show obstacles & change positions & try to make it interesting.


At the Holistic day, I was priviledged to do a full Reach Out with Rosie & directly after, while I held her, Tamzin put on her numna & then the saddle  & girth. Rosie stood calmly throughout - despite the fact it was last October since  she had the saddle for the first time. She was sent off & calmly went round the round pen, a wonderful sight. She continued to be calm while she was unsaddled, so  good progress all round.

February 2017  -  Rosie has been adopted and gone to her Forever Home


Rosie has gone to be a companion to Ulysse and they have settled down together very happily

Rosie and Ulysse sharing a haynet Rosie and Ulysse 2

May 2017


Rosie is well settled with Ulysses – they are never far from each other. Such a happy home for her.

Rosie and Ulysse May 2017 Rosie and Ulysse May 17