association saint hippolyte aquitaine

No. W473001090, régie par la loi du 1er juillet 1901

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pour chevaux en détresse

horses in need

the horses, ponies & donkeys currently in our care

Dido neglected young horse abandoned on the road near asha base.


How it all began... Dido was found dumped on a road near the home of Helen Green, founder of ASHA.


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NB: For privacy purposes some name changes have been made in our stories


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Two 5 year old colts arrived at HQ after escaping from their field and then being abandoned by their owner.  Nemo and Apache came as a pair.


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Pauli April 14 (2)


Pauli has made friends with 2 other horses at Cantemerle.We have been separating Pauli & Drakker in preparation for this for the past few weeks.

He is getting older  & has to have medication each day as well as 3 feeds because his teeth are not good & he is stabled at night too.  The committee has decided that he will stay with us now rather than be moved again. All the care team love him & he gets taken out for walks regularly & gets lots of attention.


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Cabby with Joan March 2017

Cabriole (nicknamed Cabbie), came to ASHA at Cantemerle with his mother, when their elderly owner was no longer able to care for them


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Belle with Cabby January 2017

Belle came to ASHA at Cantemerle with her son Cabriole when their elderly owner was no longer able to care for them.


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