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No. W473001090, régie par la loi du 1er juillet 1901

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pour chevaux en détresse

horses in need

the horses, ponies & donkeys that have now left us


Ginger was passed to ASHA by the Phoenix Horse Rescue charity. It is important for similar charities to support each other.


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Sportif has recently been adopted after being given to ASHA following five years as a much loved family hack.


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Ourigan 'bought' by asha to save him from an unnecessary death

Ourigan has recently been adopted by a family and he has settled into his new home with some new paddock friends.


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Mambo a very sick donkey given to asha to rehome


Mambo was ASHA's first donkey. Approximately 9 years of age, Mambo spent many years with 2 female donkeys as one of the children's attractions at a Camp Site.

Sadly Mambo lost his fight for life in December 2010.


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General ex-polo pony given to asha to rehome



17 year old General is a stunning Appaloosa gelding, a retired polo pony who having reached the end of his career had not been ridden for the last 5 years.  After being brought back into work with ASHA he and his companion Gatiada have been adopted into a lovely new home.



Gatiada ex-polo pony given to asha and now adopted

Gatiada was and still is the constant companion of General. (see General rescue)


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Rocky - the neglect was too far reaching and was found too late

Sadly we don't always get there early enough to make any difference.


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Ginger, very thin gelding, currently at an asha foster home

Leila was found wandering on the road nr St Eutrope de Born. Blind in one eye she was a very elderly lady. Her history was therefore unknown. Sadly Leila left us forever April 2010


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Sportif a gentle horse ready to be adopted Promise - horse rescued in USA - bring her home to ASHA

Although not yet an ASHA horse, people in America have worked hard to raise the funds to send Promise to France where she can be helped by Helen to give her a quality of life she doesn't yet know is possible.


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thanks to all of those who helped, Promise has arrived at Cantemerle....



Toby the Mule. Helen has been working with Toby for many weeks now. His story has been covered in the ASHA blog. Click to read Toby's Story

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Carmen - has now been adopted!

Carmen is a lovely, sweet, easy to do, trotteur francais born in 1990.  She has now been adopted.


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NB: For privacy purposes some name changes have been made in our stories


Robin a very gentle 22 year old  trotteur francais was found very thin and neglected alone in a field by a road.  His elderly owner admitted he could no longer look after him adequately.   The fencing was not very good and we feared he would end up on the road.


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Batman Toto


Connie is a lovely 6 year old pony given to ASHA when her owner found she was unable to give her the training she needed and deserved.  She has now been adopted by a lovely new family!


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Bonny charmen 2

Franky a lovely little horse saved from live transport - NOW ADOPTED!!


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Jolly a sweet natured, gentle gelding given a second chance at life.  NOW ADOPTED!!


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Franky Open Day IMG_2926 FrenchFlag

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An elderly yet healthy and spritely white shetland mare in need of a new home to spend in the company of other ponies.  NOW ADOPTED!!!


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Apache - has been adopted

Two 5 year old colts arrived at HQ after escaping from their field and then being abandoned by their owner.  Apache and Nitro (below) came as a pair.


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Etoile - has been adopted

Etoile & Pauli became ASHA horses officially in March 2014.

Their original owner was unable to keep them and a foster carer took them on in 2013, but  due to ill health, couldn’t keep them, so they are now in ASHA’s care at Cantemerle.


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Etoile April 14 January 2014 Juno on arrival with Helen (4)



Juno is a six year old mare, whose previous owners felt they could no longer handle her.


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Captain Jack has gone to SPA refuge


Captain Jack has arrived at Cantemerle. He was  rescued in a joint effort with ASHA,  Phoenix & the SPA, after a report from 2 caring people.

He is about 17, a stallion, in poor health after years of poor care.


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Captain Jack at Cantemerle April 2016

Jericho  has been adopted


Jericho is a 6 year old stallion rescued in a combined effort between ASHA, the SPA and Phoenix.  He has been castrated and is recovering in a foster home.  He has a lovely gentle nature and is a pleasure to look after.


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Jericho 2 May 2016 IMG_5451

Toto has been adopted


Toto has been staying with Joe for a while and he has decided to adopt him.


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Rosie first day

Rosie, a young mare originally rescued by Liberté des Anes in 2010 is now with ASHA to be brought on.  She can look forward to a happy and fulfilling future.  We would like to find a foster home where she can spend the winter before being brought in for training Spring 2013.


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Dido neglected young horse abandoned on the road near asha base.


How it all began... Dido was found dumped on a road near the home of Helen Green, founder of ASHA.


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Pauli April 14 (2)


Pauli has made friends with 2 other horses at Cantemerle.We have been separating Pauli & Drakker in preparation for this for the past few weeks.

He is getting older  & has to have medication each day as well as 3 feeds because his teeth are not good & he is stabled at night too.  The committee has decided that he will stay with us now rather than be moved again. All the care team love him & he gets taken out for walks regularly & gets lots of attention.


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Cabby with Joan March 2017

Cabriole (nicknamed Cabbie), came to ASHA at Cantemerle with his mother, when their elderly owner was no longer able to care for them


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Belle with Cabby January 2017

Belle came to ASHA at Cantemerle with her son Cabriole when their elderly owner was no longer able to care for them.


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