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Juno's Story...

Rescuing Juno...


January 2015


Juno is a six year old Appaloosa mare, whose previous owners felt they could no longer handle her.


When Juno arrived at ASHA she had serious trust issues and could be quite aggressive towards her carers. She had adopted this defensive behaviour as a protective strategy due to mishandling after an accident.

ASHA volunteer careers and ROTH Instructor Helen Green worked gradually and sensitively with Juno to reintroduce boundaries gaining back her trust and respect. She responded well to our approach revealing to us a soft, sensitive mare who had been gravely misunderstood.





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Apache July 2013 January 2014 Juno on arrival with Helen (1) January 2014 Juno on arrival with Helen (5) January 2014 Juno on arrival with Helen (4)

February  2015


Juno with Alicia and Gareth, the farrier

December 2015 - Juno has been adopted



We are delighted to tell you that Juno has been adopted.


After almost a year with us, a family who adopted an ASHA horse some years ago, Hurricane, who remains with them as part of their family , but can no longer be ridden, have taken her.


They fell in love with her after seeing her photos & story on the web site  & after several visits to work with her at Cantemerle they found they were a good match.


Juno has been with them for a month & the trial period has gone  well, she is settled and part of their family.


In time they will retrain her to become a ridden horse again. We are all so happy, knowing Juno has a full life ahead of her.

Juno being greeted by Ouragan in her new home

Juno being greeted by Hurrican in her new home

ASHA carers working with Juno

January 2016


A family who had adopted a horse from us before expressed their interest in Juno. Romana and her daughter Yannai came over on several occasions to spend time getting to know Juno and creating a bond with her before making the decision to adopt her. In November last year Juno moved to her new home to become part of a new herd with 5 other horses.

Romana and Yannai are really happy with Junos' progress so far, they have been using their experienced and patient training to great effect. Juno has had a stress free, routine visit from the osteopath, she can be separated from all of her friends as they take turns to come into the stables in pairs or threes, she has found her place in the herd forming a "mini clan of girl power" with their other mare but has made a special friend in Romana's 15 y/o buckskin gelding who remains her favourite. She loves to roll in the mud and enjoys her daily feeds. Romana and Yannai inform us that Juno has found her respectful, sensitive and joyful self back and little by little she is getting over her defensive habits. They are confident with time she will let go of her protective aggressiveness and just be a horse again.

All in all a successful rehoming for Juno and a big 'Thank You and Well Done' to Romana and Yannai.

Juno in her new herd Juno in her new home

May 2016


We are doing well and the horses are very happy with grass and herbs growing!

Juno seems very happy and is doing very well. She has been able to do winter without blanket and is growing nice, new "summer coat". Given the fact that she is one of those horses - just like my stallion - that spend a tremendous amount of energy, we are complementing her diet a little bit with "muesli like" food while she's changing from "winter" to "summer" coat.

She is an Angel and has been able to surmount her fears and traumas rather quickly ! She has never been aggressive towards us, but then again we "read the signals" to prevent blocking a horse in a "captive position with no escape". She has become a very RespectFul, RespectAble young Dame with strong character, appreciating being Respected and understood.

She is a real horse, full of energy, very expressive, perfectly fitting-in in our smalll herd of characters. She is very close friends with Nikan and her "chevalier"/man is the dark dun horse. The red dun is her "adoptive father", the two "girls" get along superbly  and Juno has granted me the honourable position of her "adoptive mother".

She  L O V E S  gentle, physical attention and cuddles, without ever forgetting about the natural rules of mutual respect and "personal space". I think you already know that she has met our equine dentist and our equine osteopath. She met our vet, when he came to "chip" my stallion, and Yannaï has started maintenance trimming of her feet.

Yannaï takes her "for small walks to long grasses". She can be lead with just a rope like the others, although we walk Juno like that just at home for the moment.  She knows we speak "horsey language" with human bodies.  It's spring and for the moment we just want all of the horses to change their coats (high demand on energy) and make the transition from winter to the new, abundant natural wealth of spring.

Juno 2016 new home (2)

May  2017


After several weeks of "fall back" and disconnection Juno found new and profound inspiration and confidence to reconnect and stop braking.

We concluded that she finally accepted that she was where she was supposed to be and happy.

Super, for no one turned up to be her Friend, and we considered that a confirmation that she was meant to be with us regardless of her sudden "rejection".

Trauma can be "ferocious monsters/phantoms".

She has reconnected to the horses and all is perfectly well.

September 2017


I wanted to send you some news and fotos of the lovely mare Juno.

She's fine, she loves grooming and attention, she's a good horse with character.

She tooks advantage of the summer and created "winter reserves". We can now make her feet without problem, and this summer I was able to shower her when the weather is hot.

Fot the moment, I have not tried to ride her, but maybe this autumn.

She will see the dentist this month with her friend Nikan.

I'am realyy happy with Juno and the other horses, and I think they are happy too, I hope in any case.  



Juno 2017