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Jericho's Story...

Rescuing Jericho



Jericho is a 6 year old stallion and was found in the woods by two young lads who looked after him for three months.


They built him a shelter and found food for him, but soon realised that he needed  more help, so they contacted the SPA who contacted Phoenix and eventually ASHA was called in.


He is a delightful animal with a very sweet nature and could become a perfect children’s pony.  At some point he was “backed” but hasn’t been ridden.


The owners agreed to cede him to ASHA and he is now officially an ASHA horse.


ASHA, the SPA  & Phoenix  volunteers arranged for his  feet to be trimmed and his castration and visited every day   after the operation to feed him, administer drugs, clean the wound and walk him around.  


The two young lads came to wish him farewell when he was transported to his new temporary home and they are sad to see him go but pleased that he will have a very bright future thanks to ASHA.


Jericho will spend at least 3 months in foster care  before being found a new “forever” home.

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Jericho 3 June 2016

November 2016 - Jericho is being trained at Ecurie St Martin



Jericho is being trained by Pierre Yves at Ecurie St Martin and is enjoying being part of the riding school lessons.  He is very easy to handle and has even had a go at jumping.  He is a great favourite with the young students and will make a wonderful children's pony.


Chloe rode Jericho in her lesson this morning.  She was very tense and worried she would hurt him and found dressage hard on him but PY was not at all worried and told her to just ride him as if he was her favourite pony 'Banjo’.

Towards the end she was more relaxed and they did some lovely jumping.  He is very chilled with all the other horses.



He is now ready to go to his 'forever' home


Jericho being ridden in a group December 2016 Jerhco's bit Jericho June 2016

January 2017


Jericho has found his forever home with a lovely family which includes three children of varying ages.


He will be in a herd of four other horses.


We are so happy that he has found such a lovely home.  

Jericho with his new family January 2017 Jericho being loaded to go to his new forever home August 2017 Jericho with his new owner August 2017

August 2017


Jericho is happy and enjoying being part of his new family