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Helen with Dido 2013 (9) Dido before


Nemo is being ridden and is looking for his forever home

By Web Master, Feb 2 2017 09:13AM

Nemo went to Les Ecuries St Martin in November where Pierre-Yves Girard worked with him. He was ridden in the school, taken out with groups & on several occasions ridden out on his own.

Sadly the girl who hoped to take him on after he was backed decided that her school work meant she couldn’t commit to him. So he is back at Cantemerle wher Helen & the ASHA volunteers are working with him. Photo is of Jason riding him in the school with other horses. We hope he will soon find his forever home

Nemo at Ecurie Martin January 2017
Nemo at Ecurie Martin January 2017
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Dido was one of the lucky ones... dumped on the road near the home of Helen Green, ASHA Founder

Dido as he was found on the road...

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    Dido with Helen at  Cantemerle


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