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Etoile and Pauli's Story...

The Rescue of Etoile & Pauli


Etoile & Pauli became ASHA horses officially in March 2014.


Their original owner was unable to keep them and a foster carer took them on in 2013, but  due to ill health, couldn’t keep them, so they are now in ASHA’s care at Cantemerle.


Etoile is a 17 year old Anglo Arab mare, with a gentle character.


Pauli is about 20 years old & 13.3 hands.


Etoile has had a difficult year, she came from her original home with tick fever and lost a lot of weight  due to the illness.


Pauli was always by her side and with his help, veterinary treatment, and good care, she has pulled through and is gaining weight and is much more alert and happy.


Pauli has cussions disease , but has treatment and is sound and healthy and a very solid, confident and kind pony.

                                                                                                                        He has been ridden by small children and  is gentle, safe and reliable.


They are both easy to do for, farrier and vet.


Hopefully they can find a home together and someone can enjoy the company and companionship of these two super horses.

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March 2014



           Toto calmly takes his wormer from Joan


















            All done!!

Etoile and Polly Pauli April 2014 Etoile May 2014 (2)

Pauli is looking for a new home - August 2014





















Over the last month Pauli has been ridden bareback by Helen's children and grandchildren and friends.  He is gentle and kind with all small children and is easy to handle.


Hopefully he can find somebody with another horse or pony so that he can can have company - he is very sociable.


He can be ridden out on gentle hacks with a lightweight rider.


He is a wonderful, kind pony and will give the right person a lot of pleasure - he deserves a great home.


He does have cushing disease but is being treated for it.


If you are interested in giving Pauli a new home please phone or email

Pauli July 2014 (2)

September 2014


Great News, Etoile left us today for her new home, to be a companion horse & live with a lovely family, who are prepared to give her all the care she deserves.

Etoile leaving Cantemerle

November 2014: Toto and Pauli are being fostered


Joe Mulligan is fostering Toto and Pauli.  He lives near Thenac and has a cottage in the grounds of a house owned by an American family who are rarely there.  There are several fields which Joe has separated into smaller areas a field shelter and also a big barn that could be used at night if the weather was really bad.

Joe has had a love of horses all his life and at one point did a lot of carriage driving.  He is  interested in teaching Toto to pull a cart.

Pauli Toto with Jo Nov 2014

January 2015

Pauli  has been adopted by a lovely couple with 2 children who adore him.  His field companion is an older horse and the two get on really well.   He has been renamed Brownie by the children and enjoys taking them out for gentle hacks around the local lanes and tracks.  

Pauli in his new home (1)

January 2017


Drakkar has gone to his forever home with a lady who loves him.  He will have another horse as a companion so he wont be lonely.  

We are so happy that he has found such a lovely home.

Drakar going to his forever home January 2017

January 2017


Now that Drakker has gone to his new home, Pauli has made friends with 2 other horses at Cantemerle.We have been separating Pauli & Drakker in preparation for this for the past few weeks.

He is getting older and has to have medication each day as well as 3 feeds because his teeth are not good and he is stabled at night too.  The committee has decided that he will stay with us now rather than be moved again. All the care team love him & he gets taken out for walks regularly & gets lots of attention.

Pauli Apr 2015 Helen with Pauli and Belle October 2017

October 2017  -  Helen has adopted Pauli

Helen with Pauli and Belle


Helen says she is very happy to adopt Pauli and to know that he will have a permanent, happy  place to spend the  rest of his retirement.

He lives with another pony, a girl called Belle, who is a similar age and has the same feed requirements.  She was living with Helens old pony Rocky, who died earlier this year.

She was very upset when she lost him but was delighted to meet Pauli and hasn’t left his side since they met.They look like a lovely old couple !

Both ponies are super with Helens grandchildren and love to be brushed, walked out for grass and generally fussed over.

Hopefully both ponies can spend a good few years  together in companionship & good health.