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Belle's Story...

March 2017  Rescue of Belle



ASHA has adopted two beautiful Selles Francais horses (mother and son) as the elderly owner was no longer able to care for them.

The two horses have never been separated and have not been handled very much.  They were first placed with a family who gave them good food and care and they were returned to health and their weight improved.

Now they are at Cantemerle they are learning to trust people, and the ASHA care team is educating them so that they become easier to handle and more confident around humans.

Ideally ASHA would look for an adopter to take them together and give them a Forever Home, but we realise that this may not be possible.   They haven’t been handled for a very long time and they were almost living wild in a large field with plenty of grass and water.  Consequently they are not used to basic handling like grooming, cleaning feet and putting on headcollars and the care team is working with them to get them used to being with people.

We have started to make progress with separating the mother and son.  Belle, the mum, is enjoying having a little time to herself.  She is being groomed and learning that life without her big baby can be peaceful.

Cabriole, the son, is also starting to enjoy his interaction with people, and his inquisitive nature means that he likes learning and seeing new things.  He is nicknamed Cabbie and is gaining confidence daily.

We still work only on very short sessions several times a day, so that they are not apart too long and they go back to each other when all is calm.

Belle is 25 and Cabriole is 16 years old and they are both inoculated and microchipped.

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Belle with Cabby January 2017 Helen with Belle

                    Belle with Cabbie, her son




                               Belle with Helen

             Belle now settled at Cantemerle

Belle at Cantemerle March 2017