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No. W473001090, régie par la loi du 1er juillet 1901

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pour chevaux en détresse

horses in need

About Us

The Association St. Hippolyte Aquitaine is a charitable organisation that seeks to alleviate the unnecessary suffering of horses and, above all, to rehabilitate them using modern methods of horsemanship and equine psychology.


We are lucky in having Helen Green as both member and trainer. Her expertise is invaluable in the re-education of horses suffering from severe trauma - horses others have given up on.






ASHA is a registered charity whose aim is to help equines in need.


To achieve this aim ASHA :-


a) offers guidance and physical assistance to equines, their owners and the public within a circle of approximately 150km radius centred on Villeréal, and, where necessary, takes the matter to a higher authority.


b) offers advice and guidance to owners and the public outside this area by telephone, internet or other means, and suggests appropriate action.


c) works with other agencies in the field to promote ethical and responsible treatment of equines everywhere.


d) where appropriate and if feasible, will rescue, re-educate and use Natural Horsemanship to re-habilitate equines so that they can be re-homed.  Natural Horsemanship is a method of training based on developing a rapport with equines.  It relies on communication techniques derived from observations of free-roaming horses and rejects abusive training methods.


e) raises funds and manages human and other resources to enable the above.



March 2014









Helen Green (Trainer) - click for Helen's biography


Joan Skelton (Care Coordinator) - click for Joan's biography









Saint Hippolyte


Hippolyte was an Italian priest who lived from 170 - 236. After a conflict with the Pope he was banned to Sardinia where he died of harsh treatment in the Sardinian mines.

Most of his life is shrouded in mystery, but the legend says that he was dragged to death by wild horses, and, since the Middle Ages, he has been considered a patron saint of horses.


During the Middle Ages - throughout Europe - farmers brought their sick horses to churches dedicated to St.Hippolyte because it was believed that taking them there would effect a cure.


In many countries St. Hippolyte is still known as a protector of horses.




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